RCA-HFA: The Residential Care Administrator & Health Facility Administrator Course

APPLICATION May 2017 Course

May 2017 Course Schedule

May 2017 Course Syllabus

CEU Form

New Course Format Which Incorporates:

  • Traditional classroom lecture
  • Directed independent review of Domain content provided on the NAB website
  • Independent practical application assignments. These assignments are designed to guide the student to locate necessary information on the ISDH and other regulatory websites (which will be necessary when serving as an Administrator), as well as locate and interpret information found on consumer websites.


MAY 15 – JUN 2, 2017 RCA Course (HFA candidates also attend this session)


JUN 19 – JUL 7 HFA Candidates


Because of the points listed below, HOPE will reschedule the September HFA-RCA course. The exact date for the re-scheduled course has not been established, but we anticipate it will be early 2018. Once determined, the rescheduled date will be posted to the website.

Postponing the course was a difficult decision, but in the end, we believe this best serves the needs of individuals who intended to take the class because of multiple changes occurring in the profession. These changes are significant and will warrant the revision of training materials, as well as bring a need for increased education to be provided to the profession within the next 4-6 months. Some of these changes are as follows:

  • The NAB revised testing procedures, along with a revised, on-line study guide (due to be released 7/17). HOPE along will need an opportunity to review the new material in comparison to existing material, as well as monitor success of recently completed students as they now test under the new regime.
  • CMS released Appendix PP within the last two weeks, revising all F-Tags (expanding the number from 175 to 205) and the Interpretive Guidance. The order of content and organization was revised, which will require re-organization the course presentation.
  • CMS has announced the release of the revised survey process, with training conducted in September, and later November implementation.
  • The Emergency Preparedness Rule will require all facilities complete required activities by November of this year. The industry continues to await further instruction as to how to best accomplish those activities.

In summary, HOPE would best serve its members and by gaining a firm grasp on all the above changing issues, revising course curriculum accordingly, and provide students with the revised curriculum suited to the many changes in the industry.


Terry A. Miller
Hoosier Owners and Providers for the Elderly

Front row left to right: Shelley Burress, Jeff Billhimer, Melissa Harlan, Markietta Burns, Melinda Preusz, Jennifer Etienne, Amanda Kilgore
Back row left to right: Erin Whitehouse, Derek Gibson, Paul Martin, Ryan Lewis, Carol Ward, Suzy Wagner
Missing from the picture are: Christi Hawkins and Stacy Johnson

HOPE Celebrates with 15 HFA-RCA Graduates

July 7th marked the 10th year of HOPE’s HFA-RCA course. This graduating class celebrated their success with a luncheon at Eddie Merlot’s. The new graduates are eager to begin the next step in their journey which is working as an administrator in training (AIT). If your organization is looking for an AIT please contact tmiller@hoosierownersandproviders.org. The efforts of many contributed to the success of the course, and we want to recognize our expert guest instructors who graciously donated their time and talents to our students. Special thanks goes to:

Institute for Excellence in Memory Care: Deb Carriveau
Blue and Company: Shawn Williams, Tyler Dickey, Landon Hackett, Abby McDonough, and Peter Szostak
Faegre Baker Daniels: Ryann Ricchio, Sarah Bowers, Tareen Zafrullah, Joe PettyGrove Cindy Springer, Ryan Funk, Amanda Shelby, Ashley Osak, Dori Cain and Jeff Beck
Pulmonary Management: Vicky Rosemeyer, RT
BKD: Deborah Lake
Advantage Billing & Consultants, Inc..: Tim Landess
Atom Alliance: Kara Dawson
ISDH: Terry Whitson, Assistant Health Commissioner

Suburban Health Organization for their support and sponsorship of the graduation luncheon.

Magnolia Health Systems for providing the course training center.

Again this year, Becky Bartle was the principle instructor and keeper of the “magic sauce” that makes learning so much fun. Special thanks and gratitude goes out to Becky and her supporting team, Tracy Wells and Cheryl Toomey for making this course possible.